JP Moments Spa 34.0 oz Body Lotion With Spf 15 By Jerome Privee


Spa Body Lotion With Spf 15 By Jerome Moments

  • 34.0 oz.
$5.00 $22.00

Jerome Moments New Moisturizing Body Lotion is here! JP MOMENTS SPA Body Lotion now has SPF 15! A light, refreshing scent comprised of citrus, floral and herbal notes. Enriched with soothing Aloe Vera and Chamomile Flower extracts to nourish skin, and SPF 15 for sun protection. Apply liberally before sun exposure and as needed. Helps prevent sunburns, higher SPF gives more sunburn protection.

Not tested on animals.


Notes: Citrus, Floral and Herbal Notes