Realm For Women By Realm 1.7 oz EDT Spray


Realm For Women By Realm Eau De Toilette Spray

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Realm for Women - a combination of science and scent - a sort of fragrance plus. Containing synthesized human pheromones, Realm, triggers your sixth sense, making you feel more attractive, alluring and confident. Undeniably, the most compelling feature of Realm is what you can not smell. Yet the scent itself delivers a message of allure, radiance and assuredness. It puts you in the Realm, so to speak, intoxicating those around you. Realm for Women begins with a top note of the Sicilian Mandarin, Italian Cassia and Egyptian Tagetes- an exotic and exhilarating combination. At the romantic heart of the fragrance is fresh living Peony and Water Lilly. A sensual dry down is created by woody notes softened and warmed with Honey and Vanilla.

Designer: REALM

Release Year: 1993

Notes: Sicilian Mandarin, Italian Cassia, Egyptian Tagetes, fresh living Peony, Water Lilly, Honey, Vanilla.