Coconut Curlada 8.0 oz Conditioner By Curls


Coconut Curlada Conditioner By Curls Conditioner

  • 8.0 oz.

Curls Coconut Curlada conditioner super hydrating and luxurious rinse off conditioner formulated with certified organic ingredients, no sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral or petrolatum oils.  Softens, detangle, moisturize and hydrate your dry curls in a snap.  Coconut Curlada conditioner is the most moisturizing conditioner on the market.

Directions: Apply Coconut Curlada Conditioner to wet hair.  Detangle with a wide tooth comb.  Leave on for 1-5 minutes.  Rinse.  Works great as a mid week conditioning rinse - rinse hair, apply Coconut Curlada Conditioner, detangle, and rise.

Designer: CURLS

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