66 Piece Blockbuster Makeup Palette By Love + Halo


66 Piece Blockbuster Makeup Palette By Love + Halo

$15.00 $25.00

Create any look with this 66 piece blockbuster makeup palette. Featuring 36 eye shadows, 24 lipglosses/lipsticks, and 6 cheek colors.

Eyeshadow colors: champagne, butter, coffee, pumpkin, hippie, taffy, orchid, violet, eggplant, dove, steel, sage, naked, chocolate, rust, bling, burnt, brady, cocoa, sand, amour, cantaloupe, sienna, ruthie, mauve, stark, evergreen, teal, royal, midnight, toast, praline, vanilla, taupe, charcoal, milkshake

Lipgloss colors: tutu, dorothy, baby, flirt, plum, pinky, sweet, buff, brick, ruby, ballet, sunkissed, bombshell, salmon, velvet, stiletto, smooch.

Lipstick colors: coral, rose, hottie, kiss, crush, peach, caramel

Cheek colors: papaya, chiquita, darling, ali, bella, chany

Designer: LOVE + HALO

Release Year: 2014