Don't Grow There Body Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor 6.7 oz By Completely Bare


Don't Grow There Body Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor By Completely Bare

  • 6.7 oz.
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Wonderfully scented with lemongrass & green tea, our Don't Grow There body moisturizer contains CB tri-complex with Capislow to help reduce hair density, length, and growth.

-Helps reduce hair density by as much as 50%
-Helps reduce hair length by as much as 30%
-Helps reduce hair growth by as much as 55%

For best results, apply twice a day, results will show after 28 days.

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

Shea Butter moisturizes and creates a breathable barrier to maintain maximum moisture

White Willow Bark anti-inflammatory calms and soothes skin and enhances cell turnover to help prevent razor bumps

Powerful Plant Extracts decreases cell growth rate to decrease hair follicles and reduce hair regrowth as it soothes skin, decreases keratinocyte proliferation to reduce hair follicles and decreases the amount of hair while slowing hair regrowth to prolong and visibly enhance hair removal treatment